Caz City Lake (lake_awake) wrote in vote_kucinich,
Caz City Lake

I'm tired of settling for a King--I want a President!

I'm tired of having larger-than-life movie star presidents whom you can't relate to--who derive their influence from a Hitler-like charisma: "I know what's right and you're going to agree with me, aren't you my pretty?" I'm tired of being controlled by a charming smile fronting inept hands. Hands which are either tied, or were never trained by the mind that owns them to work, to create, to nurture. Hands that are good for only striking out in paranoia or playing games with the people's futures by wasting their wealth, if not silencing those who would speak in protest or even support.

That spell of hostile hypocracy has an antecdote. It is the leader who has been homeless, crazy, addicted and a debtor, who has learnt and built a new life on the eductation, nay, enlightenment of suffering. A leader whose job is politics, but it is not who they are. They are not consumed by the savage machine of fear. A leader who is merely human, therefore divinely human. The humble everyman: Dennis Kucinich, my president.
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