D. Kevin Surbaugh (kansasman) wrote in vote_kucinich,
D. Kevin Surbaugh

Presidential Candidates--am I missing any

First let me say that I am a Bush supporter, still I have a special school project I am working on, as described below, any assistance you can give me, would be appreciated:

I have been collecting the names of every Presidential Candidate running, no matter how obscure, even if they are only on one the ballot in one state. I then want to get a campaign button from each of the campaigns, for a special project. I need contact info, or 1-2 campaign buttons from each campaign sent to me.
Here are the candidates that I have thus far:
Republican - George W. Bush
Democratic - John Kerry
Socialist - Walt Brown
Independent (endorsed by Reform Party) - Ralph Nader
Libertarian - Michael Badnarik
Green Party - David Cobb
Constitution Party - Michael Peroutka

Ok are there any others out there? Please let me know, if you know of another one. Can anyone help get campaign buttons for me? However you can help, would be appreciated.

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