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Larry King on CNN last night and biased news coverage

CNN has delivered slanted coverage for this democratic primary election. If you watched the debate with Larry King on CNN last night you will notice the biased angle of this news article on the their website.


Please contact CNN to tell them that this will not be tolerated.
THANKS!!! :) :) :)

Here is an example letter:
Today (Fri. Feb 27th), I read an article under the "Inside Politics" section of the CNN website called "Dems spar-- gently -- over electability, gay marriage, Iraq" and I must say that I have become extremely upset with CNN's constant Sensationalistic reporting on the coverage (or lack thereof) of the Presidential Election of 2004.

It is my belief that CNN's opinion of the best candidate for Presidency should never be expressed in a news report to the public, and I urge you to please consider being fair and just in your reporting in the future. In this article, and articles previous, not all of the Democratic candidates have been considered by CNN as serious candidates for President of the United States. Specifically, Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Rev. Al Sharpton.

Categorizing the two as "long-shot candidates" is just not acceptable journalistic reporting, especially five days before super Tuesday (the biggest voting day on the Democratic calendar). Furthermore, this article contains not one quote from Rep. Dennis Kucinich from last night's Debate with Larry King, which shows that CNN itself is playing "moderator" in what they want and don't want the American public to know.

Fortunately enough, I watched the debate, so I know everything that was discussed. But to the people who didn't get the opportunity to see it, you are doing an injustice.

During these crucial times in American Politics, it is of the utmost importance that CNN remains fair and unbiased, and provides people with the most accurate reporting possible.

Thank you very much for your time.
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