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Nondualtiy in politics (a.k.a. democracy)

A lot of the people voting in the democratic primaries have said the reason they vote for their candidate is because he or she has the best chance of defeating George Bush. This attitude of "If you're not for us, you're against us" is what creates our two-party pendulum of political power, which I would like to assert, is parallel to the concept of good and evil.

Some religious thinkers believe that things, actions, ideas, even people, are either good or evil. If one disagrees with a so-called "good" idea, their opinion must be evil. When perhaps an unknown third option may be good also, simply ignored or overlooked.

Some political thinkers believe that the goal of democracy is for your side to win--that perhaps the beauty of democracy is that collectively we can accomplish more that we ever can alone. Collectivity has its value, it does, but as Michael Moore is always touting the scripture that a society is judged by how it treats the least among them, the minority opinion is often correct when the majority does not have the courage to embrace it. True democracy is about courageously voting your heart, not following your fears like sheep.

Thich Nhat Hanh experienced the dangers of duality in politics when he was a peace activist in his home Vietnam during the war there. As a monk, his role was to support neither the North Vietnamese Communists nor the American forces there supposedly attempting to protect democracy. He has said that in order to reach peace, one must transcend the conflict. It is not to take a side that will help. A third party, apart from the tension, is also often not affected by the consequences of the tension. From that unique position, on neither side of the wall seperating these parties, one may also go back and forth between the two, in a much less partial way, uncorrupted by feelings of anger or revenge.

Dennis Kucinich has worked within the system to change it--as Cleveland mayor he prevented an monopoly by refusing to sell the city-owned electric company. More recently he's rallied support for the Iraq Peace Movement, and stood up for bilateral trade by opposing the WTO and NAFTA. As a Kucinich supporter, I've found someone experienced and wise in the real concerns our country is passionate about, uncorrupted by private influence, and a true peace worker, who although he can turn into quite a little fireball when expounding on his vision for the future, lets the toxic whispers of "fear" and "revenge" brush off his shoulders.

Did anyone see Dennis on Craig Kilborne Tuesday night? Wasn't that a bit queer to see him shoot a basketball while holding a doll in his suit?
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