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givin' michael moore a piece o' my mind...

based on the recent smear tactics employed by michael moore against dennis, i wrote the following letter to mr. moore:

Dear Mr. Moore,

I have never written an e-mail such as this before, but I feel I must express my complete and utter disappointment in your recent comments against Democratic candidate, Dennis Kucinich.

I am not sure why you chose to spread misinformation about Dennis Kucinich - I am assuming it is a means to attempt to garner more support for the candidate you are endorsing, Wesley Clark (yet another disappointment).

You call yourself a peacenik and yet you are smearing the good and decent name of the only candidate to vote against the war in Iraq. Dennis Kucinich also organized 126 Democrats in the House of Representatives to vote against the war. The March 21st legislation you mention was nothing more than a symbolic vote (after the war had already started - and believe me, I remember full well as March 21 was A-Day and also my birthday, the worst birthday ever) taken during those intial days of war on support for the president and for the troops. Dennis Kucinich voted "present" because he supported the troops. He did not support the war or Bush.

To say otherwise is a total misrepresentation. Mr. Moore, I believed you were a better person than that.

Dennis Kucinich has an outstanding record. He has stood up to corporations, he has won the Ghandi Peace Award, he is the only candidate who voted against the Patriot Act, he is a strong advocate of sustainable design and the environment and has been honored by groups like the Sierra Club, Public Citizen, and the League of Conservation Voters, he is the only candidate that would repeal NAFTA and withdraw from the WTO and re-establish bilateral trade agreements conditioned on human rights and environmental protection, he is the only candidate with an exit strategy for Iraq. And Dennis Kucinich's working class background makes him the candidate "clearly not from Park Avenue". All this and more make Dennis Kucinich the candidate best qualified to beat Bush (btw, Dennis has been elected office several times against an incumbant Republican).

I implore you, Mr. Moore, to please publish a retraction concerning your recent smear against Dennis Kucinich. I also urge you, Mr. Moore, to please reconsider your endorsement of Wesley Clark.

Wesley Clark can promise anything he thinks will get him votes, because he has no political record to show otherwise. I recall this same Wesley Clark as being on CNN shortly after 9/11 and he clearly implied that Iraq was behind the terrorist attacks. Later Clark said the Bush administration asked him to do so for national security. Clark has stated that he "would have been a Republican if they'd have had me". And let's not forget Clark's involvement in Waco and his role in bombing civilian targets in Serbia.

Mr. Moore, my e-mail probably will not sway your opinion, but I hope that at the very least you will be fair and honest and not spread falsehoods against a very decent human being.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Jana Shea
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